"The one who is gracious to the poor lends to The LORD, and the LORD will repay him for his Good Deed."


(Proverbs 19:17) 

Sisterly A.C.T.S. Inc.

    "Bridges beyond Barriers"

LaShawnda Wright-McCray


Mrs. LaShawnda McCray is the Founder of Sisterly A.C.T.S. Inc. In this role, Mrs. McCray coordinates all aspects of representing the organization at community activities to enhance the organization’s community profile. She also oversees the planning, implementation, execution, and evaluation of special projects. As an advocate to end poverty, Mrs. McCray supports her community in any way she can. LaShawnda graduated from William M. Raines High School, and holds an Associates Degree in Science from Remington College. LaShawnda is no stranger to humanitarian having spent four years in Atsugi, Japan as a Navy Wife and volunteer. Her responsibility in these roles includes Youth Sport Team Coordinator, Respite Care Companion, and Special Olympics Nippon Volunteer.

       Mrs. McCray has more than 10 years of experience in consumer relations, but more importantly Mrs. McCray now focuses mainly on Sisterly A.C.T.S. Inc. LaShawnda stands behind the mission and values of Sisterly A.C.T.S. Inc. She is passionate about giving back to the community.  She believes we are all created equal and it is morally imperative and one of her obligations to try to make her community a better place.



T. Caldwell


Mrs. Tamika Caldwell is a Native of Jacksonville, FL  and is the Co-founder of Sisterly A.C.T.S. Inc. She creates public awareness initiatives and ensures the organization is visible to the community and those interested in assisting the foundation.  As well as ensuring the organization accomplishes tasks to meet its overall goals.
As an advocate to help end poverty, Mrs. Caldwell constantly gives back to the children in her community. Tamika graduated from Florida State College at Jacksonville, and holds an certification in Early Childhood Education.
       Tamika believes that giving is an enrichment for the heart, she has exercised her beliefs by volunteering at All About kids Learning Center Inc. and The Police Athletic League Inc.  Mrs. Caldwell is certain that with her strategic vision and enthusiasm with Sisterly A.C.T.S. Inc. will help individuals in her community overcome various obstacles

Lisa Shanks


Lisa Shanks is currently the President of Sisterly A.C.T.S. Inc. appointed in 2013 and is a native to Jacksonville, FL.  She is a hard-working business woman; owning two business of her own in previous years.  She enjoys the challenge of problem-solving and helping others.  She is dedicated to her responsibilities as President and strives to allow her management expertise guide her through the various challenges she encounters on a daily basis.  She works closely with her colleagues to ensure the success of Sisterly A.C.T.S. today and in the future.  Her core values of honesty, integrity, and the love of man-kind keeps her grounded and willing to help others even at her own expense.  Lisa has worked in many capacities over her 30-year career and views this assignment by far the most rewarding outside of her tenor as a Ministering Missionary. 

        Lisa engages in many volunteer activities both personally and professionally.  She serves on the yearly campaign cabinet for United Way and is a spokesperson in her organization.  As a United Way cabinet member; she helps make decisions, plan activities and events to raise funds and awareness to the cause.  She believes that by helping one person achieve their potential; it’s the foundation for love and key to humanity.