"The one who is gracious to the poor lends to The LORD, and the LORD will repay him for his Good Deed."


(Proverbs 19:17) 

Sisterly A.C.T.S. Inc.

    "Bridges beyond Barriers"

Helpful Citizens Inc.

Helpful Citizens Inc., specializes in providing affordable homes to veterans and any other low income families. They currently are renovating several homes while teaching construction skills needed to maintain those homes, increase morale, provide income and improve their blighted communities.




2881 W.1 1th St. (2bd/1ba)

Ready 10/31/2016 $650


843 Baker Ave (3bd/1ba)

Ready 10/30/2016 $550 a month


526 Chestnut Dr. (2bd/1ba)

Ready 10/31/2016 $600 a month


3325 Columbus Ave (3bd/1ba)

Ready 11/30/2016 $650 a month

1506 E. 14th St. (2.5bd/1ba)

Ready 11/1/2016 $650 a month

2912 W. 16th St. (2bd/1ba)

Ready 10/25/16 $650 a month

​2075 W. 13th St. (3bd/1ba)
Ready 10/25/16 $700 a month

Office location: 1884 Dean Road, Jacksonville, FL 32216

Phone: 904-724-2011

Email: [email protected]

Website: http://www.helpfulcitizensinc.org/

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